21 countries Indians living in US can travel without visa

If you are an Indian citizen and have a valid US visa or green card, there are a lot of countries you can travel to, especially in and around Central & North America. Most of the Caribbean countries are promoting tourism heavily and allow tourists having multiple entry valid US visa for stay up to 30 days (90 days in some cases). Following is a list of countries Indians living in US can travel without visa requirement: they either offer Visa on arrival or do not require visa at all.

Mexico: Situated in Central America, Mexico has become quite popular with tourists looking for beach or tropical vacations especially during winter months. Visa is not required for any valid USA visa or green card holders to enter Mexico with tourist, transit & business purposes. However, all travelers should carry a valid passport (with expiry not within six months of arrival date). Cancun, Los Cabos and Mexico city are most visited destinations in Mexico. You can read through this post to know more about Cancun.

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is a small island situated in the northeast Caribbean  region and is a popular destination for tourism because of its location, rich history and tropical climate all throughout the year. It is part of US Commonwealth territories and does not require any Visa for US residents/non-residents. If you are flying from anywhere within US, you will be treated as a domestic passenger and you won’t even be asked for your passport. Read through this post if you want to know more about Puerto Rico.

The Bahamas: The Bahamas are an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea near the southern tip of Florida. If you plan to visit Bahamas by cruise ships, you do not need a tourist visa. You must carry your passport with valid multiple-entry US visa and I-94. However, if you plan to fly to one of the islands of Bahamas, you should arrange a visa beforehand. You can apply for visa by walking into their consulate located in Florida . Their processing times are 2 business days for walk-ins and 5 business days for mail-ins. You can contact them on their Facebook page where they are quite response or either email at bcgmia@bellsouth.net or call at (305) 373-6295.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica is situated on the Central American isthmus that connects North America and South America. Like any other Caribbean island, it is known for its miles & miles of pristine beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. For travelling to Costa Rica, Indians are not required to apply for a tourist visa for stay up to 30 days for valid visa or green card holders. One must carry a valid passport with at least six months of expiry. Visit San Jose for its beaches, Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Cloud Forest for its natural beauties and Osa Peninsula, Tortuguero for wild life and national park experiences.

Belize: Belize is located in the heart of Central America and the Caribbean Basin, and is referred to as skittles because of its multi- cultured status. It is known for its exotic beaches, barrier reef and rich marine life and is a true paradise for marine divers. There is no visa required for holders of multiple entry USA Visa or Green Card. However, Indian nationals are required to pay a repatriation fee of BZD1,200 i.e. ~USD600. The high entry fees has been a cause of concern to many fellow Indian tourists and voices are being raised against it. Rumors suggest that the high fees is due to some tourists stay or use Belize as a transit point to enter the US and are high risk visitors. If it makes you feel any better, the repatriation fee for Chinese tourists is $2000.

Caribbean Islands: Apart from the above destinations, there are quite a few other island countries in Caribbean who offer tourism without any visa:

  • Dominican Republic: 90 days for holders of a valid US Visa or green card holders.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Visa on arrival if holding a valid visa or green card from USA.
  • Northern Marianas & US Virgin Islands: Part of US Commonwealth, no visa or passport required.
  • Bermuda: 90 days for holders of a multiple-entry visa issued by USA and valid for at least 45 days beyond the period of intended stay in Bermuda.
  • São Tomé and Príncipe: 15 days for holders of a valid visa or green card issued by the USA.

Outside Americas: Outside of North & Central America, there are few countries which do allow visa exemption for Indian citizens with valid US status:

  • Philippines: 14 days for holders of either a valid USA.
  • South Korea: 30 days, visa not required for for holders of a valid visa or green card issued by USA.
  • Taiwan: 30 day online travel authority is available to the citizens of India with permanent residency or valid visa or green card of USA.
  • Mauritius: 90 days, no visa required since it is part of South Asian Commonwealth nations.
  • Haiti: 90 days.
  • Indonesia: 30 days from select ports of entry.
  • Seychelles: 30 days Visitor’s Permit on arrival.

E-Visa or special permit: Some countries allow travel if tourists apply and are authorized for e-visa or special permit cards:

  • Cuba: 30 days Tourist Card (Tarjeta deTurista) which can be extended for another 30 days after arrival. Visitors who booked a package through an airline/travel agency usually receive the card on the plane before landing. The visitors can also buy a Tourist Card upon arrival at the José Martí International Airport in Havana.
  • Singapore: E-visa can be applied and obtained online.
  • United Arab Emirates: Tourist visa can be obtained online through Emirates and Etihad airlines.
  • Bahrain: 14 days e-visa can be applied and obtained online.
  • Côte d’Ivoire: 90 days eVisa, holders must arrive via Port Bouet Airport.

I have an exhaustive list of few other countries that didn’t find mention in this post. Feel free to contact me at desicompile@gmail.com if you want the list.

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  1. This is an informative post. Thank You for sharing.

    Georgia of erstwhile USSR, also does not require visa if one has valid US visa, even US Tourist/Business visa suffices.

    • Panama (Visa requirement waived for holders of a valid visa issued by USA, UK, Canada, Australia or any EU member state, which has been used at least once to enter those countries)

      Ecuador (No visa required for stay upto 90 days)

      Peru (hold a valid visa or residence permit for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or a Schengen member state then you can enter Peru for 180 days per year without a Peruvian visa)

  2. HI! Regarding: There is no visa required for holders of multiple entry USA Visa or Green Card. However, Indian nationals are required to pay a repatriation fee of BZD1,200 i.e. ~USD600.

    How do I find out if this is still the case? I have recently heard that the BZD 1,200 is no longer a thing (May 2017) but do find conflicting information about it

  3. So if I am an Indian National living in the US on an L1B visa, do I need to pay the 1200 BZ repatriation fee while entering Belize ? or is that the fee for Indians who do not hold valid US multiple entry visas?

  4. Hello, I have a friend who is an Indian Passport holder and H1-B Visa holder who lives and works in St Thomas. He wants to take a cruise with Royal Caribbean that goes to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico.
    IS he ok with the Visa to travel? Royal Caribbean has told me to have him call the Counsolit in India ????
    Thank you in advance for your help,


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