Are you looking for long-term or monthly car rental? These options might help.

There are tons of options available out there for short-term car rental options. But, quite often we want to rent cars for few months if we have friends or family visiting or are new to a city. I had to rent a 7-seater when my parents visited me last year. While searching for long-term or monthly car rental, I came across these options:

  • / – Did you know there are people looking to get out of their lease before its expiry and are willing to strike a deal if someone can take it over for the remaining months. These two sites are quite popular among such people. You can find great luxury cars there: BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc. Look for ads whose lease is expiring within 0-9 months, contact the ad owner and negotiate. Keep in mind that it might take up to few weeks to close the deal as it requires working with their financial provider., so start planning early. When you no longer need it, you can return the car to dealer. I know people who were able to get a decent luxury car for as low as $400 per month.
  • / – Both of these websites are peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. Anyone can register and list his/her car for car sharing while they are either away/out of town. You can get really good deals here. GetAround has a mobile app too and their website is quite nice. I used myself and had a pretty good experience with them.
  • Hotwire/PriceLine – As you would know, these are most popular car rental aggregation websites. They have partnership with Avis, National, Alamo and many more who offer long term renting options. However, there are very limited options available here and will cost you higher. But, they are quite professional and offer good customer care and support. Go for this options if you do not want any fuss and are willing to shell out a few more dollars. You can look up some discount codes on and
  • – Another car sharing website similar to GetAround. Did not find as many options here as on other sites. I do not have review about them, so try them out at your own risk. Do let me know your experience so can share it here.
  • Enterprise Long term car rental: Enterprise is one of the most trusted brands in car rental space. Check out the deals on their website too. Some of the options are not shown on hotwire/priceline.
  • Hertz Multimonth: Hertz also have a program for long term car rentals. They are priced a little higher than their competition but offer good service. If you are a Hertz member, you can avail this service.
  • Alamo Insider deals – Sign up as alamo insider program and use the option for last minute deals. You will be surprised to get a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ kind of deals here. There are no membership fees.
  • – If you need car for just a few hours in a day in a long term, you can evaluate too. They have per-hour billing rates and you can save some money. Do your maths.
  • – This wesbite looks for the best available discount code and books it on your behalf. Have heard decent reviews about this site.

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  1. Love the website and useful tips. Even though ive been in the US 2 years, didnt know about the 40$ airbnb saving nor the amazon 6% return. currently trying to figure out the lease a car or buy and if lease, then for how long options. keep up the good work!


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