What is Desi Compile?


Desi-compile.com is a compilation of blogs and posts from my personal experiences in United States. Being born and brought up in India, I moved to United States around five years ago. Being naive, I thought I knew it all as I would watch a lot of hollywood movies and TV series. But I had to learn the way of life in US the hard way. Of course a great network of friends helped a lot, but I always wanted to learn few things on my own, before asking around. I have tried to share my (and in some cases my friend’s) experiences in a series of blog posts.

I hope you find them useful. I have tried to be as objective and unbiased as possible. However, I am aware that not everyone will agree with my preferences completely. Feel free to comment/shout out in the comments sections below.

Also, none of the posts are influenced by any advertiser/paid media. They are genuine experiences of myself or people I know.

Do you disagree strongly with any of my posts? Or do you want to contribute your experiences through my blog. Feel free to write to me at: desijoint@outlook.com

Administrator Kumar.