What are some of the best options for US to India calling?

India calling has become far more affordable than it used to be. There are number of options to choose from:

  • AT&T World Connect Value East Asia & India: If you are an AT&T customer, you can add this feature to your plan for $15 per line and make unlimited calls to India. The plan is offered only for postpaid customers though. Note that, you will be charged minutes for the India calls too so make sure your plan covers enough minutes if you talk often.
  • T-Mobile International calling: A T-Mobile customers can enable India calling for $15 per account. Unlike AT&T, TMob offers unlimited India calling for all the members part of the same plan for $15. It will turn out to be cheaper if there are more than one line per account.
  • Vonage: Until cellular companies introduced their own international calling plans in 2015, Vonage was the most popular VOIP service for India calling. Their unlimited India calling plan was offered for ~$30 per month with an additional landline number. It requires an additional phone instrument that you can buy for ~$15-$30. The voice quality is quite good and they have good support for mobile apps as well. You can use the app to call India using Wifi if you are not around the landline. Also one can register upto two mobile numbers to call India from.
  • Dial91.com: Their calling rates are quite cheap and voice quality is decent. They have android and iphone apps for support too. Recently, have heard some instances of busy lines due to scaling down of their infrastructure due to low demand.
  • MagicJack: This is a one-time instrument cost of $70 and requires no monthly subscription fees.
  • Skype-ToGo: Have low calling rates and decent voice quality and good support of mobile and desktop apps. Integrates well with Skype contacts.
  • OOMA/BlueVox/ AllVoi: These are few more VOIP services which offer India calling at good rates. I haven’t had any experience with them, so look up their reviews before using them.

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    • I had it. But at that time you needed wifi and it was $5.00/ month or something like that. No customer service and had to cancel my credit card to discontinue.


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