What to expect if relocating to US from India.

Day 0:
– Where have all the people gone?
– The roads are so Awesome!
– Food portions: Is this just for me? – To-go box – what’s that?
– Why is everyone smiling at me?
– Wow – so many friendly Indians!
– 13 dollars for lunch == Rs 780 (Mental note to cook more)
– Look at these carssssss!

Day 10-20:
– Lease, Internet, Electricity, Insurance – All check: Damn I didn’t get to display my bargaining skills
– Whoa – no one is trying to steal from me (I got to drop the habit of watching my back)
– Used Car? Seriously – who buys that?
– Personal Space – That’s a nice concept

Day 30+:
– Netflix, Hulu, High speed Internet – I’m never gonna leave this place!
– So many Indian restaurants – I’ll survive
– Party Until 2AM. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
– Traffic police can be this polite? Jeesh
– A ‘Sale’ is really a ‘Sale’ and they are always ON?
– Where are the premium outlets?
– First Paycheck: This is what the American Dream is all about & No State Tax – Euphoric!
-Xe.com appears in the most frequented sites
– How do I send money home?

Day 90+:
Minimum of one ticket – Defensive Driving ! – So what if it’s 6 hours? I’m gonna save some $
– I get a lot of time for self reflection nowadays
– Mom’s comment during phone conversation: “You never used to talk to us so much while you were here”
– Go ga-ga over Groupon –  Theatre,  Zumba, Book Clubs
– What do I need to buy during Black Friday / Thanksgiving?
– Time to plan some holidays

Day 180+:
– Checked in at least a minimum of 3 other states
– Highest peak of social media activity
– Party Saturation Syndrome.
– Let me check tickets to India
– Need to buy gifts for everyone! (Really long list)

Day 270+:
First trip Back to India – Royal treatment!
– Work the fake american accent 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not an original blog post by me. I have picked it up from a popular social media website as I thought it was funny and worth sharing.

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