How to apply for Canadian Visitor Visa – Step by step guide

Are you planning to apply for Canadian Visitor Visa? Read on this post for a step-by-step guide:


  • A digital photograph with a final frame size of at least 35mm X 45 mm showing a full front view of the head and tops of shoulders, with the face in the middle of the photograph. You can get one clicked at any neighborhood photo studio like (wallgreens, costco etc).
  • Scanned copy of last 3 months’ pay stub.
  • Scanned copy of last 3 months Bank statement.
  • Scanned copy of employment letter (Employment verification letter).

Step-by-Step Process: Applying for a Canadian visitor visa is a two step process: Apply online on CIC website by filling up forms, uploading supporting documents and paying the fees. Within next 1-3 weeks, CIC will evaluate your application details and make a decision. If approved, you will be asked to submit your passport to VAC for visa stamping. Depending upon the shipping transit times, the stamping process can also take up to 4-10 business days.

Fill up online application form:

  • Get started by visiting CIC website to check your eligibility and start the application process.
  • Follow the steps in the link above and answer the questions to validate your eligibility. Once completed, you will be given a reference code and a document checklist. Keep the reference code handy and print out the document checklist page. The reference code is valid for 60 days. See the snapshot below.


  • Fill the Visa application form.
  • Create a MyCIC login if you do not already have one. Visit this link and sign up using either a ‘Sign-in partner’ or ‘GC Key’. If you are staying in US, its unlikely that you will have an account with any of the ‘Sign-in partners’ like BMO, TD, Scotia Banks. You should choose to sign up using ‘GC Key’ and create a username and password.
  • Login to MyCIC portal and select ‘Visitor visa, study and/or work permit’ service to continue. You will be asked to enter the personal reference code you received in the step above.
  • Once you enter your personal reference code, you will be guided through the following steps to complete the application:
    • Upload your documents
    • Review your application
    • Pay with credit card
    • Submit your application
  • Once you submit your payment, you will be redirected to application confirmation page and the next steps involved. You should also receive an email from MyCIC account.
  • You can check the status of your application here.
  • Within next 1-2 business weeks, you will receive an email from CIC asking you to submit your passport to VAC (Visa application Center). This indicates that your application was approved and now CIC needs your passport to stamp the visa. (This step is the most confusing part of the process as the email from CIC is not descriptive enough and causes confusion among applicants).

Once you receive confirmation email, submit passport and VAC fees: Once your application is approved and you get an email from CIC to submit you passport, do the following. (Note that VAC fees and passport have to be sent to different addresses.)

  • Submit VAC fees:
    • Cashier’s check of $31.40 (or the amount mentioned in the email from CIC) per applicant issued to “CSRA Consular Services Inc”. Note that the fees varies with varying exchange rates and refer to this link before ordering cashier’s check.  If there are multiple applicants, you can prepare just one check for all the applicants (For eg, for 2 applicants, prepare one check for $62.80).
    • Prepare a copy of cashier’s check.
    • Prepare a mail package with the cashier’s check and mail it to corresponding VAC center:
      • For LA CSC center, send your check at CSRA Consular Services Inc, P.O. Box 841908, Dallas, TX 75284-9557.
      • For NY CSC center, send your check at CSRA Consular Services Inc, P.O. Box 419557, Boston, MA 02241-9557.
  • Submit your passport to VAC, get the following documents ready:
    • Passport request letter from CIC. (This is the email from CIC asking you to submit your passport).
    • Original Passport.
    • 2 signed copies of VAC consent form. Print and fill up the VAC consent form with your details along with signature. Note that you will need two signed copies per applicant. If you are applying with your spouse or as a family, you need to prepare VAC consent forms for each one of them.
    • Copy of cashier’s check (prepared in the step above).
    • Contact information of each applicant on a plain paper. It should contain your full address, email and phone number.
    • A prepaid return envelope from USPS. Go to your nearest USPS (not any other vendor), and ask for an envelope big enough to hold your passport and documents (something like this). Depending on your urgency, you can choose Priority mail (1-3 days) or Ground return (2-9 days).
    • Prepare a package with all the above documents (including return envelope) and mail it to your respective the VAC center . You can find the complete address in CIC email or look up this link.
      • For LA VAC center, send your package to Visa Application Centre – Los Angeles, 2120 E Grand Avenue Suite 108A, El Segundo, CA, 90245
      • For NY VAC center, send your package to Visa Application Centre – New York, 290 Madison Ave,2nd fl., (41st Street & 40th Street), New York, NY 10017
  • Use the tracking numbers of your package and return USPS envelope, you can keep a close eye on your passport status. For any queries, you can contact VAC at their customer care call center. They are quite responsive and helpful.

Useful tips:

  • Allow yourself 2-3 weeks for the complete process of getting Canadian Visitor visa stamped.
  • The visa fees for Single-Entry and Multi-entry is same and unless you have a strong reason to not do so, always apply for multiple entry visitor visa.
  • The validity of Visitor visa is 10 years or your passport expiry date, whichever is less.
  • When asked to submit passports to VAC, you can use same mail to submit passport for multiple applicants.
  • There are two VAC centers in USA – LA and NY. You will be assigned one based on your geographical location. While submitting the fees and passport, double check your VAC address from the one mentioned in email from CIC.
  • In case of delays or any other issue, you should contact VAC customer care. Do not call Canadian consulate as they have no insights into your passport tracking and status.
  • The VAC fees structure can be quite confusing on CSC website.  To make it more clear, if you choose to submit your application through:
    1. Through the VAC (In-Person) – Pay $36.96 VAC fees.
    2. By mail to the VAC (using a courier) -Pay passport delivery service fees of $31.40
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  1. CIC and VAC information of the steps after receiving the confirmation email form them is very incomplete and confusing. This is a very helpful post for that part. Thanks!

      • Harsh is right. If you just need to use VAC for passport delivery services, the VAC fees is 30.59.
        According to the link in sampada’s comment, there are two ways to submit an application for a Temporary Resident Visa, Work Permit, Study Permit, or Travel Document for Permanent Residents. You may either submit all the required documentation:
        1. Through the VAC
        2. By mail to the VAC using a courier

        If you choose option#2 (which most of us would choose), you need NOT pay VAC fees of 36.09.

        Hope this makes it clear.

  2. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I too have been confused though with the way the associated fees is mentioned on site. Do I pay $30.59 or I pay $30.59 + $36.09 (VAC service)

    Reading the content of the website few times over, I have concluded that I only need to pay $30.59 based on below statements:

    The fee for the Passport delivery / e-Application service is $30.59. (Please note that it is not necessary to pay the VAC service charge in addition to this fee.)

    There are two fees applicable to each application:
    # VAC Service charge OR, if applicable, Biometric fee*
    * If you need to give your biometrics, the CAD 85 biometric fee covers the VAC service charge. Additional services are not covered.
    # Visa Application Fee

    They key is, how it says OR in the above paragraph.

    • Hi mjosh,

      I agree that the fees description in CSC’ website are extremely confusing. Let me try to explain it here:
      There are two ways to submit an application. You may either submit all the required documentation:
      1. Through the VAC (Pay $36.09 VAC fees)
      2. By mail to the VAC using a courier (Pay passport delivery service fees of $30.59)

      In most cases, one would choose option#2. So hence you would choose $30.59. Let me know if you have more doubts

  3. The cashiers check and the passport are to be sent at separate addresses? Its not very clear from the post and neither is it clear in the instructions from CIC…

    • Hi Harsh,

      Thanks for pointing it out. I have made some changes to my post to make it clearer. The cashier’s check and passport have to be sent to two different addresses. Please read through the blog post again and let me know if you have any doubts.

  4. great post with all the details, just minor correction:

    For eg, for 2 applicants, prepare one check for $79.18

    It should be 30.59 * 2 = 61.18

  5. Hi,

    I got an email to submit my passport but it didn’t mention which city I should submit the passport to?I live in Northern California.Should I mail my passport to L.A?Also looks like the VAC fees has chaned to $31.40.Can someone confirm this?

  6. “In Submit VAC fees: Prepare a mail package with the cashier’s check.”
    Do I need to attach print outs of all forms in that package even if I submitted my application electronically?
    e.g.: Form 5257, 5257 B, Form 5645.

    • No, while preparing a package to submit fees to VAC, you should only include the cashier’s check. The printouts of forms are not required.

      • HI,
        While preparing a package to submit fees to VAC ($31.40) using cashier check, don’t we need to include the Passport Request letter from CIC along with Cashier Check, otherwise how VAC will know who has send this fees?

  7. Thank you for an insightful article of the process. However, I just want to clarify if the VAC has recently increased the VAC fees: by mail courier to VAC $31.40 and in person paper application at VAC is $36.96?

  8. The VAC Consent form has following statement which indicates that we can send passport directly to consulate. So is it possible to skip VAC and send it directly to avoid VAC fees and delay in processing since all VAC does is forward the passport to consulate.

    The use of CSC’s services is voluntary. Such service may also be sought directly from the Consulate General of Canada in New York or Los Angeles. CSC charges for its services have been approved by the Government of Canada.

    • Hi Seenu,
      I have the same question, and unable to figure it out. Can anyone update on how or where to choose multiple entry option?

      • I don’t recall filling multiple entry option anywhere. I think you would get that automatically with the visa stamping on your passport.

      • As far as I know there is no such option , they decide single or multiple entry based on the merits of the case and the fees is same for both . However all of the people I know who applied in recent times have got multiple entry visa valid till the expiration of passport. When I applied I made sure to mention (in my itinerary) that this is not the only trip I am planning and plan to visit Canada on an ongoing basis as a tourist but not sure if this made a difference.

  9. Non techie question.
    How does one scan multiple pages of passport into one file?
    and what file should that be? PDF or JPG?
    THANKS !

  10. Hello guys here I have few doubts,Please help me out:
    1.Which option is good for “Planning to stay in Canada?
    Less than 6 moths or More than 6 moths.
    2.What is the medical exam performed by an IRCC?
    What i need to be mention.
    3.Are you giving someone accessing to your application?
    4.did you representative give you a submission letter?

  11. Hi,
    Am applying for my mother online from Canada, but it doesn’t have any option to upload my documents. Where do I upload my financial statements and my employment documents.

    Please help.

  12. Very useful link, a lot more clear in comparison to all the other info you find online, including VAC website. Good job and thanks

  13. Hi there,
    In the document checklist, there is an Invitation letter also required. Can anyone tell me what to do if we do not have any family or friends in Canada who can provide us the so called Invitation Letter.

    • Invitation letter is optional . Just apply as a tourist. When I booked I just made a refundable hotel reservation and sent a copy of my itinerary and that was sufficient.They dont seem to be that picky about all these things.

      • I have question on application form.
        1. Should we print, sign, scan and upload (this process is throwing error) or
        2. validate and upload (with out sign)?

      • Harsh,
        Do we need to book a flight ticket also?
        and what did you fill for 4. name address and relationship of any person or institution i will visit canada?

  14. I have question on application form.
    1. Should we print, sign, scan and upload (this process is throwing error) or
    2. validate and upload (with out sign)?

  15. The address to which the VAC fees has to be sent seems to have changed. Can someone please double check:

    The fees can be paid by bank draft, cashier’s cheque, certified cheque, or money order directed to “CSRA Consular Services Inc”.

    Your payment (draft, check, etc.) must be sent to the following lockbox.
    You must send a copy of the payment along with your application to the VAC.

    NOTE: do not send your application or any supporting documents to the lockbox; only mail your payment.

    Payments for Visa Application Centre in New York:
    CSRA Consular Services Inc
    P.O. Box 419557
    Boston, MA 02241-9557

    Payments for Visa Application Centre in Los Angeles:
    CSRA Consular Services Inc
    P.O. Box 841908
    Dallas, TX 75284-9557

  16. Hi
    I have a flight on 17th May and i have’t heard from IRCC about the decision yet , i have applied for transit visa on 13th April ,but it is still pending . Is there any way i can make it to this flight ? . I have a friend who lives in NY , can he submit my passport and collect and send me via Fedex one night delivery . so that i can get the passport before my flight, in case the decision comes by 10 may ?

  17. I need advise. I’m American citizen trying to get a visa for my parents to visit Canada with me, they are visiting me from another country with visa they don’t have bank account but I can be a sponsor somebody know what steps to follow?

  18. Hi,
    I’m applying online for my parents. Have created a GCKey. Haven’t proceeded further but have few questions:
    Do I need to fill 2 application forms and 2 sets of supporting documents?

  19. The post is really helpfull. Though i have one doubt here, On the application website, there is a comment:

    All applications must include:
    Two Receipts: one receipt per applicant for the VAC service charge, or, if applicable, biometric fee*, and one receipt per applicant for the VISA application fee. Note: a family receipt for the visa application fee is permitted if applicable. For more information please read and follow step 2 below.
    * If you need to provide biometrics, your CAD 85 biometric fee covers the VAC service charge.

    IF i follow this post, it is just one receipt of $31.40, is there any other fee need to be submitted with this?

    • Hi Naman,

      The fees structure can be confusing. Keep in mind that you should pay two fees for the canadian visitor visa: Visa fees and VAC service fees. You will be paying the visa fees while you sign-in to myCIC portal. However, the VAC fees is required to be paid when you send your passport to VAC center for stamping. This VAC fees is $31.40. For Indian passport holders, it is not required to submit biometrics.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Just to confirm,as i have already submitted the application fee when i applied for the work permit,so what receipt i should be sendung with my passport?

  20. Hello All,

    I am trying to get visitor visa for my parents. They are on US Visitor Visa. We have a flight on 30th June. I am not sure what are all the documents that my father may need to provide. Also, even if I manage to complete the application process in a day or two, I am not sure if it is enough time for the visa to get processed and the passport be returned before 30th June. (Considering the visa is approved)

    Please share if you have any input.

    Thank you

  21. Thank you guys @Desi-compile!
    The official website is absolutely useless and the system goes out of its way to be unhelpful with no numbers to call etc.
    This step by step guide helped me get my Canadian visa within 21 days of application online.
    A big thank you to you guys!
    Strong work!

  22. How can i find out which VAC centre I am required to send my passport to? The body of the email sent to me just has a link

    • By link, I mean that a link to list of VACs in different countries including USA. On clicking on USA, It shows two VACs in USA namely in New york and LA. So do i choose the closest VAC? I stay in Pennsylvania, so do I choose to send my passport to New York?

  23. I was so excited to come across this blog, the processing of Canada visa was convincing!!! I downloaded the forms and filled and went to 501 N Akari st, Dallas tx for submission, I met a woman at the reception and gave me address of VAC Los Angeles and New York address to send my package. I called many times but nobody pick up. I would be glad if somebody can enlight meon how to get my forms send to VAC, do I’ve to do online application or send paper forms? If I would send the forms, may I include my passport and processing fee ?

  24. Hey Hi,
    This post was very useful and appreciated. Can anyone help with this. I have applied for Canada visitor visa from US. I have sent the passport for stamping too. But I got a mail stating tracking id and other details with Visa Type mentioned: ‘PVT’. Had anyone come across this one earlier?

  25. What is a prepaid return envelope? I have a USPS envelope with me (as shown in the link provided by the author) but I dont have the shipping label.

    Where can I get this shipping label?

  26. Thanks for this post, really useful information!
    If I’m in NY, do you know how long it would take to have my passport back after mailing it?

  27. Hi,
    I have an urgent question regarding applying for a Canada visitor visa IN PERSON at LA VAC. Is that even an option? Is it true that the process will take lesser time once we turn in all the required documents at the Los Angeles VAC in Person? Can someone please reply?

    Thanks much in advance.

  28. Hi,
    I submitted the application online for Canadian tourist visa about 3 weeks ago. I still haven’t got a response from them. I got a couple of emails saying – “New message received. Please login to your account to read the message” but when I logged in, there were no new messages.
    There are no contact numbers on their website. Can somebody please advice what I should do?


  29. Very helpful post. Helped me get the Canadian visa in about 2 weeks (uploading documents to passport with visa in hand). Wanted to add 1 point – and please confirm this with the VAC you are sending the passport to before trying – If you are applying from within the US and if you send a cashier’s check of $51.11 (about $19.7 in addition to the $36.41 service fee), the VAC will overnight Fedex the passport to you. This takes care of the headache of the USPS airway return envelope and such.

  30. I live in Austin, TX. Do I need to send my passport to VAC center in LA or NewYork, the letter doesn’t specify the location. Should I use only USPS to post my documents? Help me! Thanks

  31. Sharing my experience:
    Case: Application for Parents visiting the US from India.
    -Online Application Date: June 3 (Saturday)
    -Approval: June 14
    -Passport Dispatch: June 15
    -Passport Acknowledgement: June 19
    -Passport Delivered to me: June 22
    Total Days (incl. weekend):20days
    Passport sent to NY, Cheque of $62.40 sent to Boston
    I represented my parents. Included my financial details as a sponsor.

    • Similar case.
      Online Application: Jun 26th
      Approval: Jul 13th
      Passport Sent: Jul 17th
      Passport Returned (with visa): Jul 27th
      Passport sent to El Segundo. Check to Dallas.

      • Hi

        Thanks for the details. I am trying to figure out the time it will take to receive my passport.

        Quick question for you, when did they receive your passport when you sent it on July 17th ?

      • What shipping did you use, overnight or 2 day express? Did your passport reach on Jul17th?

        I expected that my passport will return in 10 days but the customer support is saying it will take 10-15 business days not including transit, for which I will miss my flight.

        Your response is highly appreciated.

  32. Thank you. This is the only post on the internet that clearly explains how to do this.

    I want to share this Fedex return method I found during the process:
    Add $19.71 to the cashier’s check to get your passports back through FedEx over night. When the receive your passport(s), they send a confirmation email which will have AirWay number which is the FedEx tracking number! I had to include a single cashier’s check of 82.51(vac fee 31.40X2+19.71) with a post-it note explaining the breakdown.
    You can call the customer service and confirm the amount, I’m not sure if it could change –

  33. When we receive the approval email and have to submit the passport, how many days do we have to do that. Does the email mention how many days will they wait for the passport? I’m asking as if for some reason I need to travel or delayed to send the passport, how long will my application stay approved and not be denied.

  34. Steps really help understand the process better. For the return envelope; if I am applying as a family, do I need to send two envelopes or a single one should suffice. I am sending one cheque to Boston for the fees.

  35. wife and I applied for Visitor Visa to Canada on Sep 9th 2017. Today is Sep 22, we have not yet received any sort of response from consulate yet. The online status shows as in progress. I have been staying in US for past 9 years and does it usually take so long for them to respond ? I realized i did not upload a purpose letter since it was optional. Not sure if that can be a reason. Just wanted to check if any one had a similar experience


  36. Hello,
    I have cleared almost all my doubts thanks to this post except this one: I have to applications to send. My 10 years old son and myself: Do I have to pay one VAC fee or two? It says somewhere on their webpage that if its is a close family member an under 22 only one fee is needed. Thanks!!!

  37. so nice and helpful. Please advise the Canadian Embassy to copy and paste this info on their website. I don’t think they have good IT person out there.

  38. Can anyone who recently applied and got approval for visitor or transit visa online recently share thier experience/processing timelines please?

  39. Good evening.
    I have a question regarding the Consent Form.

    I applied and submitted my application online without any help. I just followed the steps. I need to send my passport to the VAC now and I’m not sure what I need to sign on the Consent Form.

    Do I only need to sign page 2?

    Thank you.

    • I think you can call VAC (646) 741- 0130, they do answer the phone. I’m still waiting for a response to my online application, so will let other experts answer your question. I would appreciate if you could share the following information around timelines of your online application processing?
      1) How many days it took to get the approval?
      2) Have you got your approval before 3 or more weeks of your flight date?

      • Thank you.

        I’m a South African citizen apply from in the USA, so I’m not sure if this influences the length of the processing. If it does though, I’m sure it will be longer than an American citizen’s. Here’s my timeline:

        10 November 2017: Application submitted and accepted online.
        29 November 2017: Request for my passport which I’m assuming means I’m approved.

        My flight is 25 December 2017, so I have time. But like I said, I’m a foreigner applying in a foreign country, so that might be why it took so long.

        Hope it helps.

        • Thank you for your reply! That helps! It’s also good to know that you got approval within thier posted processing timelines.

          Yes, you seem to have enough time to get your passport stamped before your flight. It looks like the processing time also depends on the flight date. I’ve applied online on Oct 30, flight date 12/26, still waiting for the passport request. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon. 🙂

          Can you please share just 2 more info –
          1) Did you apply for Transit or Visitor visa?
          2) Consulate – New York or Los Angeles?

          • Hi
            I applied for a visitor’s visa and I actually don’t know which one would be better to send it to…I live in Northwest Arkansas currently. Any advice?

    • I am in the same situation, I applied and submitted my application online without any help. I just followed the steps. I need to send my passport to the VAC now and I’m not sure what I need to sign on the Consent Form. Do I only need to sign page 2? Did any one know the answer?

    • I am at the same boat… I applied and submitted my application online without any help. I just followed the steps. I need to send my passport to the VAC now and I’m not sure what I need to sign on the Consent Form. Do I only need to sign page 2?

  40. Hi,
    This is a very helpful article! Thanks for putting these together.

    I had applied online and I received the email to submit my passport and like you’ve mentioned, this is the most confusing step! I live in the Bay area, California and I am planning to make the visit to VAC office at LA in person. I still have a few doubts and I would really appreciate if you could help clarifying these:

    1. VAC service charge: Can I pay this in person using credit/debit card? I saw something like this mentioned in CSC website – “The VAC fees can also be paid with Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card at the VAC.”
    2. Visa Application Fee: Is this fee in addition to the online fee (100 CAD) that I have already paid? If yes, then can I pay for this using credit/debit card?
    3. Documents mentioned here ( Are these still required for online application? I seem to have provided all the information already(apart from 2 copies of VAC consent form)
    4. Photos: Again, I have provided soft-copy version online as per specification. Is it still required to provide hard-copy?
    5. Lastly, in order to get the stamped passport back, can I use FedEx service at VAC office? (I saw something like this mentioned in CSC site – “FedEx Courier fees are offered at preferred rates and can only be paid directly at the VAC”)

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Veeru,

      Did you get an answer to your question ? Even I’m in the same boat and wondering if we need to resend all documents with photos again ? Also, if people have expired passports and the US visa is in the expired passport do we need to send them both old and new passports ?

  41. VAC LA sent mail to me : “You can submit the original payment along with your passport and documents to the VAC. We will mail the payment for you to the Lockbox.”
    And the fee for pasport changed in 2018 : $32.27

  42. Hello,
    I have a kind of serious situation here. I sent my documents via USPS. The VAC received our documents today but I noticed today the USPS guy hasnt given me the prepaid envelope tracking number. Now here is the actual problem begins, he included the prepaid stamp on my priority express envelope and told me not to write on the customer copy the details from/to. He said that will be filled by VAC. Now i dont have the tracking number for return envelope and I am in fear of losing passports once they are on their way back, I won’t have any proof. Also, many people wrote in their reviews that VAC has lost their passports. What are tye options i can do at this point? Will VAC help me to get this sorted?

  43. I just checked with the VAC customer service. Current VAC fees is USD $32.27 per applicant. If we add an extra USD $20.21, we don’t need to send return envelope. The VAC center will mail our passports back using fedex overnight service. So, total amount for me and my spouse including return is $32.27 + $32.37 + $20.21 = $84.75 with a single money order.

  44. Do we need to buy Flight ticket also?
    and what did you enter for 4. name address and relationship of any person or institution i will visit canada?


  45. I am in the same situation, I applied and submitted my application online without any help. I just followed the steps. I need to send my passport to the VAC now and I’m not sure what I need to sign on the Consent Form. Do I only need to sign page 2? Did any one know the answer?

  46. question regarding documentation for travel, I want to have a multiple entry for tourism purpose,
    Do you need to book travel tickets and hotel as an evidence for stay.
    Please advise. What if you book but do not get, will you use your money for the tickets and plane etc.

    Thanks in advance.

  47. Thank you for compiling all this information. Did anyone recently submitted biometrics for Canadian Vistor Visa, and know how long it will takes approx to get an response back?

  48. Hi
    I have a valid US visa (H1-B, Indian passport holder) and I have given biometrics in the past for my US Visa. I did not give any biometrics for Canada tourist visa because this is the first time I’m applying. The Canada visa checklist page says I need to give biometrics and there is a fee of $85 CAD. Is this a new requirement? Or am I missing something?

  49. Does anyone know how to contact them by phone? My husbands last name was entered twice in the application and I have to get it updated. I contacted them via the webform but they haven’t responded.

  50. I have recently applied for Canadian Visitor visa and there is couple changes as below
    1. You need to submit both passport and VAC fee to same center as given below
    Canada Visa Application Centre
    8530 Wilshire Street, Suite 450
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211.
    2. Fees
    US $ 20.40 as ‘Package Transmission Fee’
    US $ 33.20 as return courier

  51. Hi,

    I am planning to visit Canada for H1B stamping. So as a first step i was trying to apply for a Visitor visa. I am doing an application online and on the first page, it’s written that we don’t need to sign the forms (on hard copy) if applying online whereas there are some forms like Family Information form 5645e, which requires the signature of family members. Had anyone tried filling Visitor Visa online? Can you please let me know is there any doc we need to get printout sign scan and upload ? or it will ask for a digital signature later for all docs submitted (wherever required). It is very confusing as it’s stated different a couple of places.

    Request anyone who applied it online to share details.


  52. Latest info for submitting passport to VAC as of Jul 7, 2022

    If you are located in the United States of America and have received the passport request letter from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), your passport can be submitted either in person or by courier to the CVAC (Canada Visa Application Center).

    Please drop off, or send to the CVAC in a single envelope, all of the following documentation:
    • The passport request letter you received from IRCC.
    • The original and valid passport.
    • Your contact information on a single sheet of paper, including your email, phone number and return mailing address.

    • Two copies of the TT services consent form, second page duly completed and hand signed, the link to download is:

    • If you purchase the two-way courier service, do not forget to attach a printed copy of the payment invoice, thrown by the system just at the moment of paying with your card.

    Below charges must be paid, by card directly at the CVAC, or in the form of a Money Order or Cashier’s check, in favor of “VFS Services (USA) Inc.” Fees must be in US dollars:
    • Package transmission(per passport): $22.80 USD (Only if you did not have to provide your biometrics, or if they were taken at a CVAC other than the one where the passport will be sent).

    • One-Way Courier Service: $37.20 USD* per passport. TT Services/VFS Global has an agreement with FedEx, offering a preferential rate to our customers for the return of their passports, only within the USA. This service is optional, if you do not wish to take advantage of it or if you are not inside the USA, then please include a prepaid shipping label with your passport and documents. FedEx labels will not be accepted.

    • Short Message Service (SMS) per applicant – $2.50 USD (Optional).

    It is recommended to use a padded envelope to mail your documents and make sure it is thoroughly sealed.
    To confirm the information provided, please visit our website:

    Los Angeles CVAC mailing Address:
    Canada Visa Application Centre.
    8530 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 450.
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

    New York CVAC mailing Address:
    Canada Visa Application Centre.
    145 West 45th street, 4th floor.
    New York, NY 10036.

    *In person, passport submission and decision envelope collection directly at the Canada Visa Application Centre: 
    • Los Angeles CVAC: between 9.00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
    • New York CVAC: between 1.00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

    *To avail the optional two-way courier (only within USA), at special rate, please visit:

    When accessing the portal, please complete the registration and proceed selecting your preferred center to mail your application.  You can choose between Los Angeles and New York CVAC.
    Kindly note that all the information will be purged from the portal after 10 days, your login information included, hence, make sure you print or download your label and confirmation letter as soon as you receive it.
    Once you complete the process, you will be able to print the FedEx label (addressed from you to the VAC). The label for the returning of your documents will be created locally at the CVAC.


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