These tips should come in handy if buying a new car !!

Buying a car will be one the most significant purchases any of us ever makes. And if you are new to the country or if its your first car buying experience, it’s not particularly easy. Unlike India, car sales is one the most competitive markets and you will see bargaining like nowhere else. Here are some tips:

  • Decide on the car make/model/color/options – There are at least two dozen car brands here and a wide range of options to choose from. Do you research online/friends and decide on a car make and model. You can use websites like  and to know more about market value, consumer feedback, comments etc. from other car buyers. Test drive the ones you like and settle on 1/2 options that you like.
  • Carefully choose your dealer – Find out dealers and their contacts in your area by looking it up online.  Call every dealer possible and you would notice that they all will quote you same MSRP. That is the highest price and btw, no one pays that amount. So, you straight away ask for the best deal that this dealer can give you. (Don’t mention your color. Get the lowest price and then ask for the color.) Some would refuse to give this over the phone. Ignore them. Be patient and call others. Most would give you their best price. They would also tell you that they would like the option to match the price if someone else is offering a lower price. So be patient and write down the names, phone numbers you get from each dealer, so that you can go back to them. Negotiate further based on the best deal you have on offer and decide on a dealer.
  • Pay a visit to the dealer – Before you visit them, get your loan/finances pre-approved if at all you need one. Be firm with the car model/color/make and its price. Few dealers will try to offer you higher trim for a higher price but stay away from those lures. Do the paperwork and in most cases you will walk away with your car. If the dealer flips or doesn’t offer you the car or price of your choice, do not shy away from walking out. Patience helps.

Happy driving.

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