Things to do in Las Vegas

There are more things to do in Las Vegas than you can possibly imagine. Twenty-four hours in a day hardly seems like enough in this SINCITY. This is a compile of things to do when you are visting vegas for the first time:

  • Hotels & Casinos: Venetian, Bellagio, Cesar’s Palace, NY, Wynn are must sees. NY and Stratosphere have good & thrilling rides. Aria and Bellagio casinos seems the classiest but have higher ‘minimum bets’. If you want to play casino just for the fun of it, try out the cheaper ones at MGM, NY, Paris etc. Some tips for novice casino players:
    • Slot machines have the lowest returns. Learn to play poker or roulette or blackjack or pick a game and learn it.
    •  If you gamble at the wee hours, you’ll find tables with lower minimum bets. Never play alone with the dealer. Read up on gambling etiquette.
    • Be prepared to lose money. Know when to stop. Leave your credit and debit card in your room.
  • Shows: Vegas is known for some amazing shows. See a complete list of them here: If you are planning to watch one, decide and book it well in advance as some of the popular ones fill out nearly 1 month in advance. You can also try buying tickets at locations listed here: Some of my recos:
    • ‘O’ at Bellagio, KA and DavidCopperfield at MGM, Zumanity (adult show) are few of the popular ones in vegas.
    • If you have kids, there are shows aimed at Kids at hotels like Harrahs.
    • Ask for discount for show tickets if you are staying @ the same hotel where the show is hosted.
  • Rides: There are thrilling rides at Stratosphere hotel. They are not for the faint-hearted but if you are feeling adventurous, do try them out. They are one my favorite things to do in vegas. NY hotel has a roller-coastar  ride for $14 which is a decent one. The High Roller is the world’s tallest observation wheel and a good one time experience.
  • Clubs: The night life at vegas is like none other. Marquee, XS @ Wynn, Chateau, Voodoo are some of the popular ones. On weekend, they have one of the most amazing crowds with celebrity DJs (like Calvin Harris, David Guetta).
  • Desi Food: If you are craving for desi food, you will be surpised to know there are 4-5 Indian restaurants on/around the strip. The most popular one being Tamba. I persoanlly have tried it many times and their lunch buffet is good.
  • Free attractions: There are lot of free attractions that you can check out here:
    • Bellagio fountain (Happens every 30 min or so after 7 pm until 11pm or midnight)
    • Bellagio Conservatory
    • $10 million Chandelier @ Bellagio
    • Mirage Volcano Eruption (Happens every 30 min or so after 7 pm .. Highly recommended. This was awesome show!
    • Caesar’s Forum Shops – Fall of Atlantis show, Aquarium, Spiral Escalator
    • Circus acts at Circus circus (runs every 30-45 mins and are different everytime)
    • Artificial Thunderstorm at Planet Hollywood
    • Venice theme at Venetian
    • Fremont Street Experience at night time (That place gives you a classis Vegas feeling)

Some tips that might come in handy:

  •  VRBO is a great way to find homes/townhomes or even penthouse hotels that are owned by individuals. This way your family isn’t cramped in a typical hotel room
  • Driving is not a good option due to traffic and parking. Try and stay @ a hotel on the strip and use bus/taxi/walk
  • Keep cash. Cabs charge extra $3 for card payment
  • Be cautious when you click pictures with the models (dressed like guy from Hangover, Elvis, girls, etc.) there as some of them asks for at least some tip after the picture

Have fun and may the odds be with you.

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